Jefferson Healthcare has nine primary care and internal medicine clinics throughout the county.  Walk-in services are provided at the Express Clinic, located at 834 Sheridan Street, Suite B, inside the hospital.  Jefferson Healthcare also operates Home Health and Hospice services, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Clinic, Surgery and Endoscopy Center and specialty clinics that provide pulmonary care, urological surgery and pelvic floor reconstruction and cardiology care services. The primary care clinics are located near the hospital in Port Townsend and in Port Ludlow and Quilcene. The primary care clinics provide pediatrics, family medicine, obstetrics, women’s health, internal medicine, and same-day care. 

JH Medical and Pediatric Group in Port Townsend, WA 

Medical and Pediatric Group


Located across the street from Jefferson Healthcare and provides internal medicine, pediatrics, family medicine. 
JH Family Medicine in Port Townsend, WA

Family Medicine


We are a family practice that offers primary care to patients at all stages of life.  Read more…. 
JH Walk In Clinic in Port Townsend, WA

Internal Medicine


 The Internal Medicine Clinic hosts a family medicine physician and a board certified family nurse practitioner.  Read more…. 
JH Primary Care in Port Townsend, WA

Primary Care


This clinic offers primary care to patients at all stages of life. We also offer obstetrical services and women’s health services. Read more…. 
JH Port Ludlow Clinic, WA

Port Ludlow Clinic


This family practice clinic provides family medicine from general pediatrics to geriatric medicine and special interest in endocrinology and advanced diabetes therapies. Read more…. 
JH South County Clinic, WA

South County Clinic


This is a family practice and women’s health clinic with a focus on integrated medicine located in Quilcene.   We offer a full spectrum of services.  Read more…. 
JH Oncology Clinic in Port Townsend, WA

Oncology Clinic


The Oncology Clinic is located inside the Outpatient Specialty Clinic and provides infusion services for cancers and blood diseases seven days a week.  Patients can be chose from rooms that offer a view of Port Townsend Bay or in private rooms if needed or desired. Read more…
JH Orthopedic Clinic in Port Townsend, WA

Orthopedic Clinic


The Orthopedic Clinic is located inside Jefferson Healthcare Hospital on the second floor. There are five examination rooms for consultation and evaluations. The large and very comfortable waiting room includes free Wi-Fi access.  Read more…. 

Express Clinic


Located inside the hospital, the Express Clinic provides primary care for treatment of non-emergency, minor illnesses, infections and allergies. Read more…. 
JH Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation in Port Townsend, WA

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

360-385-2200 x 1200

Our fully equipped, 1,750-square-foot facility includes a variety of equipment to help patients reach their potential. In addition to the main gym overlooking Port Townsend Bay, we have eight treatment rooms for patient comfort.  Read more…. 
JH Home Health and Hospice Offices

Home Health and Hospice Offices


Home Health and Hospices offices are located on the third floor of the Remax building.  We work closely with you and your physician to develop a plan of care following a recent illness, surgery, chronic disease management, or change in health. Read more…. 
JH Surgery and Endoscopy Center

Surgery and Endoscopy Center


The Surgery and Endoscopy Center gives patients requiring minor surgery, the option and convenience of having their procedure done in a clinical setting. Read more….