Swing Bed

Swing Bed is an alternative service when a patient no longer needs the acute care they received in our hospital, yet they may not feel strong enough to return home.  

Our Swing Bed post-acute rehabilitation service is designed to provide patients with individualized, in-hospital care and physical rehabilitation to help them reach an optimal level of functioning.  This post-acute care is designed for patients who are discharging from acute care, but need temporary additional care that cannot be provided at home or in a long term care facility.  

Through a combination of first rate rehabilitative therapies, attentive nursing care and medical supervision, patients gain the strength, functionality, balance and range of motion they need to care for themselves with confidence.

Who Qualifies for the Swing Bed Program?

 You’ll find that Medicare and most insurance companies cover post-acute rehab services.  These services are usually covered under the “Skilled Nursing Facility” benefit category.  Medicare and state regulations provide the following patient eligibility guidelines:

  • A patient must be hospitalized as an “Acute Care Inpatient” (not an “observation patient”) for a minimum of three consecutive midnights within a 30 day period.
  • Admissions can come from any hospital, including our hospital, after three consecutive midnights as an inpatient in acute care.
  • A physician order is not required.  You or your family can request your social worker or discharge planner to refer you to the Jefferson Healthcare Swing Bed Program.

We recommend that you contact your insurance company for specific coverage before making any health care decisions. 

Who Is Involved in Your Care?

 Patient receive skilled rehabilitation, evaluation and treatment services three to six days a week, or as prescribed.  The multi-disciplinary team providing these services include:
  • Board certified Internal Medicine Physicians and Hospitalists care for patients 24 hours a day.
  • Qualified Nurses provide daily, individualized care to each patient.  A Registered Nurse case manager also coordinates with the referring institution to ensure a smooth transition.  The case manager also works with your insurance company to determine eligibility and coverage.
  • Our licensed Dietitian will complete a dietary evaluation to determine your nutritional needs, track your progress and provide education.
  • The comprehensive Rehabilitation Team will    provide strength and endurance training, range of motion and all required therapeutic exercises and therapies including speech-language pathology and occupational therapy.  
  • Pharmacists are available 24/7 to advise physicians on the dosages, interactions and side effects of medications.  They can also answer your questions about prescription drugs.
  • Social Workers provide psychological support, care coordination and discharge planning.  They obtain information to help the multidisciplinary medical team create a personalized care plan.

What Happens After the Swing Bed Program?

 Each patient makes progress based on individual medical needs and rehabilitative potential.  The multidisciplinary team will continuously monitor your progress and evaluate new goals until they determine you are ready for discharge. 

Your social worker will assist with discharge and a therapist may accompany you to your residence to complete a home safety evaluation.  Therapist can also educate you and your family or caregiver on safe body mechanic techniques and practical adjustments that can be made in your home or residential facility. 

You may be referred to home health or rehabilitation services for additional therapies to help you attain your long term recovery goals.  This may include learning how to use adaptive devices and assistance equipment properly, learning exercise techniques you can use at home, and learning preventative measures that reduce risk of injury and falls.