Cardiology Services

Cardiac Services: 360.385.2200 extension 2100
Cardiac Rehab: 360.385.2200 extension 1230
Located on the main floor of Jefferson Healthcare Medical Center
Hours: 8AM to 5PM

Cardiology Services at Jefferson Healthcare provides the latest in echocardiography and stress testing. Other cardiac services include EKG, ambulatory monitoring and stress testing. We provide programs associated with cardiac services including cardiac rehab, anti-coagulation services, and heart health education classes throughout the year.

Echocardiography Services

Jefferson Healthcare has the latest in echocardiography technology.  An echocardiogram often referred to as “cardiac echo” or simply an “echo” is a sonogram of the heart or an ultrasound of the heart. The procedure is painless way for us to have a look at the structure and function of your heart including an accurate assessment of blood flowing through the heart.  The hospital has fully qualified, experienced Echocardiographers who perform these exams using the latest equipment available, the Philips Epiq 5C echocardiography system.

Services include:
  • Echocardiography of heart muscle, size and strength
Doctors can use echocardiography to:
  • Diagnose heart problems
  • Guide or determine next steps for treatment
  • Monitor changes and improvements
  • Determine the need for more tests.
The biggest advantage to echocardiography is that it is non-invasive and painless.  

The addition of this new equipment provides our healthcare providers with easy access to this needed technology.  The equipment was made possible through a gift from one of our community members for whom we are deeply grateful. 


An electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG) is the cornerstone of diagnosing any heart problem.  This test checks for problems with the electrical activity of the heart and provides immediate results for viewing. This service is available at the Hospital and Port Ludlow and South County Clinic locations. 

Ambulatory Monitor

We are the only hospital on the north Olympic Peninsula to offer a telemetry monitor with the ability to analyze and detect irregular heartbeats-automatically delivered to your home.

Stress ECG with Treadmill Belt

Known as a "stress test" or a "treadmill test," this service checks for changes in your heart during exercise. This exercise may also use nuclear medicine to detect symptoms.

Cardiac Rehab

Recovering heart patients in this program participate in Registered Nurse EKG monitored exercised. They receive personalized education to encourage their return to full and productive lives and to minimize risk of recurrence.

Anti-Coagulation Services

Our Registered Nurses monitor the safety of patients using an anti-blood clotting prescription to provide medication adjustments and maintain healthy blood levels.