Location - Outpatient Specialty Clinic

What is anticoagulation therapy?

This type of therapy is for patients who need blood thinning due to blood clotting, stroke, irregular heart rhythms, or other problems.  Coumadin therapy requires that patients receive close monitoring to lessen the risk of complications. Coumadin is a safe drug, but because it is affected by many variables, such as foods and other drugs, the dosage needs to be adjusted often. This requires patients to have regular blood tests to ensure that they remain within the therapeutic range.

The Jefferson Healthcare Outpatient Specialty Clinic provides convenient care for patients taking Warfarin (Coumadin®) and other anticoagulant therapy medications. The clinic is staffed by specially trained registered nurses who work closely with our hospital pharmacists. Most health insurance plans cover all or part of laboratory testing and therapy management costs.

Patients on Coumadin therapy who are not currently coming to the clinic can speak to their personal physicians about a referral.