Jefferson County Health Priorities 2014

Background:  From February through April 2014, a group of community data users lead by Jefferson Healthcare and Jefferson Public Health reviewed the results of a community health assessment.  the assessment include current data and trends for demographics, socio-economics, community safety, quality of life, health care access, pregnancy and births, and behaviors, illness, injury, hospitalizations and deaths.  In May, the group reviewed and compiled a list of top issues.  In June, the group formalized those top issues into final priorities.  These data reports are available at Jefferson County Public Health
Next Steps:  To improve the Health of Jefferson County specific goals and action steps to address the priorities are under development.  A cycle of systematic and on-going monitoring of action steps, progress toward goals and assessment of health status should be established to ensure accountability to the process and to the intended outcomes. 

Underlying these top issues are the ongoing root causes that impact health.  Root causes are education, economics, and housing, and must be addressed by the community as a whole. 

Priority #1 - Access to Mental Health and Substance Abuse Care

Goal:  Create stable mental health treatment structure in Jefferson County.
Action:  Work with Accountable Community of Health to integrate mental health, chemical dependency and medical services for all Medicaid recipients within Jefferson County and the region.
Action:  Stabilize local mental health service structure.

Goal: Reduce tobacco use in pregnant women and youth.
Action:  Identify tobacco prevention strategies.

Goal:  Ensure adequate access to mental health, substance use and tobacco treatment.
Action:  Evaluate access to treatment and structural community prevention.

Priority #2 - Healthy Eating, Active Living, and Chronic Disease Prevention 

Goal:  Prevent chronic disease through healthy living, diet, and exercise across the lifespan.

Priority #3 - Access to Care

Goal: Increase access to needed preventative care with special focus on dental, prenatal, and seniors.

Priority #4 - Immunizations

Goal:  Improve immunization rates.

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