Cancer Support

Supporting people dealing with cancer of any kind

Day:  Every Second Tuesday of the month 

Time:  3:30 to 5:00 pm

Place: Home Health Office, 3rd Floor conference room, 2500 W. Sims Way
Contact:  Carla Conklin, MSW, 360-385-2200, ext. 2040

Whether you are newly diagnosed, going through treatment, or consider yourself a survivor, this Cancer Support Group will be a safe place to talk about your feelings regarding your diagnosis and treatment.  Evidence suggests that support groups can improve quality of life for people with cancer.  

People who take part in support groups believe that they can live healthier, happier lives if they spend time relating to others.  They say that when they have emotional support, it is easier to deal with their health and other problems.  Some find that the bonds formed between members of support groups help them feel stronger.  sharing feelings and experience within support groups can reduce stress, fear, and anxiety and help to promote healing.  

The benefits of group support are:

  • Reduced anxiety and psychological distress
  • Reduced depression and feelings of pain
  • Improved mood and self image
  • Improved ability to cope
  • Improved feelings of control