Sleep Changes with Age


Sleep Changes with Age
Jefferson Healthcare Sleep Medicine, Dr. Jak Nikonborirak, MD, will host an education lecture entitled Sleep Changes with Age on March 21st 4:30 pm in the Gallery Room at the Port Ludlow Beach Club in Port Ludlow.  Sleep changes as an individual ages, lack of sleep effects an individual’s ability to concentrate, it decreases energy and causes daytime fatigue and physical disturbances.   Dr. Jak and his staff will advise on the health risks associated with sleep apnea as well as sleep changes associated with age and how to address them.

Most sleep disorders can be successfully treated or controlled after they are properly diagnosed.  Through Jefferson Healthcare, community members have access to the latest diagnostic technology to monitor a number of sleep indicators including brain waves, muscle activity, limb movements, heart rate, breathing, oxygenation and other body functions.  Jefferson Healthcare’s new Sleep Clinic in Port Townsend offers comfortable rooms for sleep studies where the team can find solutions to many sleep issues.     

Dr. Jak is board certified sleep specialist through the AASM.  Jefferson Healthcare’s accredited Sleep Center provider’s diagnose and treat sleep disorders with the highest level of care.  Primary care physicians refer their patients to our Sleep Center for consultations related to a variety of sleep disorders. 

Contact:  Dave Wilson, Sleep Medicine, 360.379.2249

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